1. For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions ‘the Client’ is defined as the person/s renting the item/s from Rent a Toy Ltd and ‘the Company’ is defined as Rent-a-Toy Ltd.

2. All items must be prepaid within 2 days of confirmation for the period of rental requested by the Client.

3. All payments are to be via Internet Banking unless otherwise agreed upon.

4. Deposits are required for all packages and the amount will be 50% of the total hire due payable within 2 days of confirmation and is non refundable. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the hire start date. If a package reservation has been made for hire commencing within 14 days, full payment is required within 2 days of confirmation.

5. Cancellations must be made in writing at least 5 days prior to the hire start date or a 50% hire fee is payable.

6. The item rented is for private and personal use only and must not be used in a commercial situation, unless agreed otherwise with the Company.

7. It is the Client’s responsibility to examine the item prior to use to determine fitness and state of repair and to return the item in the same state of repair and cleanliness as when delivered/collected.

8. Loss or damage to the item, other than reasonable wear and tear, is the responsibility of the Client. The Client agrees to phone the Company within 24 hours of any damage or theft of the hired item occurring. If the damage results in the toy or toys being unable to be hired again due to the damage or loss of particular parts, the full retail value for its replacement will be charged. Theft of an item will require a Police report to be submitted by the Client to the Company.

9. The Client will use the item only for and in accordance with its intended use and pursuant to any instructions provided therewith. And it is a requirement of Rent a Toy that toys rented from us be supervised at all times while in use, to prevent any injuries from occurring.

10. In no event will the Company be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by or arising out of the use of any item supplied.

11. Full right, title and ownership of the item will at all times remain vested with the Company.

12. Overdue items will incur an overdue fee either charged out at a weekly or monthly rate, depending on the original hire plus $1.00 a day charged until the toy or toys are rented to Rent a Toy.

13. The Client will be charged if any of the following occur:

  • The item rented is returned soiled or damaged beyond what is
    expected with normal use. If the Company determines that the item is
    not returned in suitable condition, the Client will be liable for either a
    cleaning/repair cost, or the full retail value of the item. This is solely dependent on the extent of damage and this determination will be
    made by the Company, and an invoice for the amount payable will be
    forwarded to the Client;
  • The item rented is not returned or made available for pickup by the
    time indicated on the booking form. The full retail value of the item
    and/or a late return fee will be payable by the Client to the Company;
  • The rental period is extended and the Client does not pay the
    additional rental fee by the first day of the extended rental period.
    The additional rental fee, plus a late payment fee will be payable by
    the Client to the Company;

14. These Terms & Conditions are applicable for all items rented by the Client at any time, be it presently or on some future date, until otherwise amended by the Company.

15. The Company reserves the right to change and update these Terms & Conditions at any time and the amended Terms & Conditions shall be binding on all parties.

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