Tonka Wheel Driver Scoot ‘n Scoop 3-in-1 Ride On


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Picking up your mess is fun with the Scoot ‘n Scoop 3-in-1 Ride On with Revvin’ Beepin Wheel. This child-size Tonka truck from Playskool lets kids scoop up shape blocks with three different modes of play.

Three Fun Modes of Play
Made in colourful and durable plastic. The seat and gravel guard both detach from the truck body and snap into different positions for a push mode, walk mode and ride on mode. With the seat in the up position, kids can easily push and pull the truck, and watch when moving forward as shape blocks get picked up in the dump bed. When the seat is down, these blocks fit into corresponding shapes on the seat. And of course, kids can sit on and ride the truck with the handle up or the steering wheel on. The Revvin’ Beepin’ Wheel starts with a turn of the purple key in the ignition, making funny engine noises and realistic road vibrations that turn off on their own. There’s also an orange clicking gearshift, an adjustable blue mirror, directional blink lights and a green horn with four different honking sounds. Drivers in training can play with the wheel attached to the truck or separately.

This fun vehicle helps little ones transition from crawling, to walking, to riding.

To add to the fun and excitment there is also a Real Cane included! Kids can pretend to be a real crane operator with exciting hooking, winching, lifting and towing action. Kids can turn the crank to raise and lower the crane hook. Three colourful shape-blocks have metal inside, so one can use the magnetic crane hook to lift and move them. The adjustable handle gives novice walkers something to grab onto as they learn how to steady themselves. Bigger kids love the rumbling and popping sounds as they push the crane faster and faster!

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Suitable for children aged 9 months – 3 years.


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